Turtle Island Cultural Resource Management provides a complete suite of services related to Historic Resource Act clearance applications from routine Section 31 clearance applications to complex project development. These include project planning, baseline data collection and Statement of Justification submissions (archaeology, palaeontology and aboriginal consultation), Historical Resources Act clearance applications, Historic Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA), Historic Resource Impact Mitigations (HRIM), Reporting and Analysis, and final regulatory clearance submissions.

At Turtle Island CRM, we value a collaborative approach to cultural resource management work in order to ensure our client’s needs are met in both the regulatory and public sphere. Our approach employs personnel from a wide range of disciplines including archaeology, palaeontology, cultural anthropology, community engagement and environmental studies. We advocate a targeted and field verified approach to our field work that identifies locations of cultural importance to both regulators and stakeholders in order to save our clients time, money and ensure confidence from both regulators and effected communities.